A beautiful weekend is in store for Big Bear Lake with cool fall temps in the low 60’s warming to close to 70 by Sunday. It will be a little breezy and exactly right for a fall weekend in Big Bear!

big-bear-bar-maidsWillkommen to the 46th Annual Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest! The fun continues this weekend so grab some friends and head on up for some fun, food, music and BEER!

The International Film Festival and the Autumn Wine Walk are happening this weekend as well, along with Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails at Bear Mountain. Come and see what these fantastic annual events are all about! RS Vacations has cabins available and we are featuring lower off-season pricing as well as some awesome specials! Head over to our website and book today!!

There is still so much to do and enjoy in Big Bear! Fall is the perfect time for Fishing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, strolls through The Village, Zip Lining, listening to live music, and so much more. The crowds have thinned, our prices have dropped and the weather is gorgeous!! Come on up!

If you are planning to join us for the holidays, be sure to book your cabin with us soon, as our calendar is starting to fill up. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the magic of the holidays in Big Bear. RS Vacations has all sizes of cabins with awesome amenities and un-matched customer service! You will not be disappointed!! Book a Big Bear Cabin today!

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fall-leavesFall Special: 3 Nights for 2
Stay with us for 3 or more nights this fall and get ONE Night FREE!! Offer good on new reservations only and must book and stay between 9/6/16 and 11/16/16.

Fall ColorsFall Special: 50% off the 2nd Night

Stay with us for 2 nights this fall and save 50% on the 2nd Night! Offer good on new reservations only and must book and stay between 9/21/16 and 11/16/16.

If you are wondering what there is to do this coming weekend in Big Bear Lake, see below for just some of the special events going on. In addition, the Sky Chair and Bike Park are still open along with the Lake, Village and dozens of other activities.

Be sure to visit RSVacations.net now to book one of our beautiful cabins. Enjoy low, off-season pricing, no crowds, and tons of things to do. Big Bear Lake is the perfect Fall Destination! Book your Big Bear Getaway today!!


Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails


46th Annual Oktoberfest


Village Fall Wine Walk


International Film Festival


BigBearSunsetWarm sunny days, crisp starry nights, leaves changing color….Fall has arrived in Big Bear and I for one am thrilled! I love cozy sweaters and boots; the sound of leaves blowing in the breeze; the smell of burning fireplaces…autumn is my favorite season.

Many people vacation here in the summer to escape the heat and enjoy the lake. Whether its boating, kayaking, parasailing or jet skis, Big Bear Lake does offer a multitude of options for summer fun.

Winter is also a popular season, with folks renting cabins to enjoy the holidays skiing, snowboarding or sledding with family and friends. There is no doubt that winter in Big Bear is magical.

Autumn is that time in between the two that seems to be forgotten. People are busy getting back to school, settling once again into their routines and thinking about the holidays coming up in a couple of months. Many people have never experienced Big Bear in the fall and if that includes you, let me tell you what you’re missing.

I love waking up early on a crisp, fall morning, grabbing a blanket, slippers and a warm cup of tea or coffee and watching the sun rise from a chair on the deck. I can hear the birds singing and the squirrels frolicking. I can smell the pines and the homey scent of fireplaces burning. Amazing. Later in the morning, I can take a walk or bike ride with the family. If we’re feeling adventurous, that would take the form of a hike or mountain bike ride in the forest, but if we wanted something relaxing, it would be a leisurely stroll through the Village or an easy ride on the pedal path along the lake shore. Either way, we are bound to see plenty of wildlife preparing for winter. In the afternoon, I might bake some cookies or a pie with the kids. I love the aroma of baking goodies – it just makes me smile. After dinner, either home-cooked, barbecued or at one of Big Bear’s manyfall-leaves restaurants, we would enjoy those goodies we made with a warm mug of hot chocolate either snuggled up in front of the fireplace watching a movie or while star-gazing out on the deck. After the kids settled into bed, the hubby and I would enjoy a soak in the hot tub under the stars. A perfect autumn day.

This coming weekend in Big Bear will have perfect fall weather and something for everyone, including the opening weekend of the Big Bear Oktoberfest, the International Film Festival at the PAC, the Village Fall Wine Walk, Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails at Bear Mountain, and so much more!

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If you are still looking for a cabin for Labor Day in Big Bear Lake, now is the time to book! We have a few cabins left, but they are going fast!!


3 Nights for the Price of 2


20% off a 2 Night Stay


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As promised in yesterday’s post, here are all of the details and contact information for the Big Bear Kids Adventure Games. Be sure to head over to RSVacations.net to book a cabin before they sell out. See you soon!


The Inaugural Big Bear Kids Adventure Games at Snow Summit

Sep 03, 2016 – Sep 04, 2016

The Inaugural Big Bear Kids Adventure Games features a kid-sized adventure race where teams of two navigate a natural terrain inspired obstacle course. This event allows kids ages 6 through 14 an opportunity to experience the thrill of adventure racing, while learning teamwork skills and building confidence in a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience, created just for them. Kids can expect mountain biking, hiking, ziplines, a Tarzan rope swing, giant Slip-n-Slide, river tubing, cargo nets, mud pits and more. A great day out for the whole family!

For more information visit www.BearMountain.com/KAG 

Registration – Sign up and secure your spot! Register Online Now! https://kidsadventuregames.redpodium.com/bigbear-kag-2016 

Full Weekend Schedule

Saturday, September 3
12:00pm – 12:45pm – Skills Clinic Check In
1:00pm – 5:00pm – Adventure Racers Check In
1:00pm – 5:00pm – Optional Skills Clinic

Sunday, September 4

8:00am – Wave #1 Racers Arrive – place equipment in transition area and fit harness 8:30am – Safety Talk and Race Instructions
9:00am – Wave #1 Racers Start – two minute intervals between each 2 teams
9:30am – Wave #2 Racers Arrive – place equipment in transition area and fit harness
10:00am – Safety Talk and Race Instructions
10:30am – Wave #2 Racers Start – two minute intervals between each 2 teams
11:00am – Wave #3 Racers Arrive – place equipment in transition area and fit harness
11:30am – Safety Talk and Race Instructions
12:00pm – Wave #3 Racers Start – two minute intervals between each 2 teams
2:30pm – After Party and Awards Ceremony

Skills Clinic Practice before the big day. The Kids Adventure Games instructors will offer an optional activity for all participants, offered Friday afternoon. Registration opens March 21.  https://kidsadventuregames.redpodium.com/clinic2016-bigbear) 

All kids will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the race during the after race celebration and awards ceremony. Awards will be given to top teams in each age category, as well as special awards for sportsmanship, spirit and environmental consciousness. The party will conclude with a prize raffle for all participants. *Time subject to change, awards will occur within 20 minutes of the last team crossing the finish line.

Volunteers are always appreciated at the Kids Adventure Games to help corral kids, marshal the course and make the event a true community effort. If you are an enthusiastic parent or an active member of the community, please join us. Volunteers are needed from approximately 7am to 2pm on race day. Registration coming soon

Location: Snow Summit Resort at 880 Summit Blvd

Contact: Tel: (909) 866-5766 Website: www.bigbearmountainresorts.com or www.BearMountain.com/KAG 

When I was a kid in the 70’s and early 80’s (yikes! did I just say that out loud?!), my parents would make us go play outside and not come home until dinnertime. We rode bikes and ran loose around our Big Bear neighborhood for hours at a time. We didn’t have video games yet (well, there was Pong, but you can only bounce a pixelated, square ball back and forth so pongmany times before it becomes boring!) and we had only 13 channels on TV, so most of my childhood was spent outside. Not only were we getting lots of exercise, we were learning how to interact with other kids, and often times practicing problem solving and conflict resolution without even knowing it. We didn’t have ‘helicopter’ parents who were constantly watching over us. If we had an issue with another kid, we just worked it out between us, got over it and went back to playing.

Fast-forward to the late 90’s when I have a kid of my own. It is no longer safe to just send your kids out the door to play unsupervised. I arranged play-dates and had him in recreational sports, but much of the time he just wanted to play video games (I have to admit, video games are WAY cooler now) or see what was on one of the 200 channels of TV. I’ll admit it, when my son was younger I did use TV or video games as an ‘electronic babysitter’ on occasion. We all have to get things done and sometimes just need the kids out from underfoot. Keeping them occupied with electronics is often times the best way to do that, but it is not necessarily what is best for them.

Nowadays, most every kid has their own smart phone and the only thing getting a workout are their fingers! They just are not getting the physical exercise and team-building experience that we did as kids. The arrival of Pokemon GO has gotten kids off the couch and walking around their neighborhoods, which is great, but they are still not directly interacting with one another and playing hard. I think physical play is really missing in our society and that is sad because our kids need it!

kag-logoThis coming weekend in Big Bear Lake, Snow Summit Mountain Resort is hosting the ‘Kids Adventure Games’. It is a kid-sized adventure race where teams of two navigate a natural terrain inspired obstacle course. It gives kids an opportunity to work together and push themselves physically and mentally to achieve a goal. In tomorrow’s ‘Tuesday’s Topic’ post, I will give complete details about the games and how to sign your kid up.

We still have several cabins available for the coming Labor Day Weekend, but they are starting to fill up. Head over to RSVacations.net and reserve your cabin now, then come on up and cheer your kid on as they take part in something that will stay with them and hopefully encourage a love of adventure and physical activity!