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The past several weeks have been rough ones – for myself and many people I know and love. Friends lost, mothers lost, a wife lost and a daughter lost. There was suicide, accidents, heart attack, massive infection and cancer. Death has a way of rearing its head when we least expect it and we are left with nothing but memories and often times, regrets. We rarely know when it is coming and can we ever be truly prepared even if we do?

The best we can do is to ‘live like we are dying’ – be grateful for each day and try to live life to the fullest. Let go of fear and take some risks. Do something that truly makes you happy as often as possible. Take time to be silly. Give hugs. Say I love you.

But even more important, treat others as if it is their last day as well – make sure those you love KNOW you love them – by telling them and showing them every day. Be kind. Forgive. Do nice things simply to be nice. Strive to make those around you happier. Accept and love who they are. Don’t let ‘little things’ become ‘big things’.

People say “there is always tomorrow”, but that is not always true…

Appreciate every single day.

Sunrise - Danny Enger

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