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One Google search. That’s all it took to realize that our everyday heroes do extraordinary things. Not only do they put their lives on the line, but they truly help to make our world a better place with all of the charities, large and small, that they support. I thought that for this post, I would let the pictures do the talking.

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Once again, RS Vacations salutes all First Responders – Firefighters, Police, Paramedics, and all others who serve their fellow man in times of crisis.

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History of Big Bear Lake Fire Department

(Courtesy of bblfd.com)

In the early days of Big Bear, there was no organized fire department to combat fires or provide emergency medical services.

In 1923, the Big Bear Valley Women’s Club raised $500 for two manually drawn 40 gallon badger type chemical fire carts. After their use, it was the responsibility of the person having the fire to pay for re-servicing the carts. These carts augmented local civilian bucket brigades.

History 1935

Big Bear Lake Fire Dept. with Chief Larry Boyle-1935

In 1927, the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District was formed and operated under a Board of Directors appointed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

In 1957, the citizens of Big Bear voted to reorganize the district to become a self-governed district with a locally elected Board of Directors.

In 1980, when the City of Big Bear Lake was incorporated, the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection District became a subsidiary District of the City and the City Council serves as the Fire District Board of Directors.

The first fire station was located in an automotive bay at the Elmer Deems Garage located on Pineknot Ave. This building today is Joe’s Barber Shop, Wings Jewelers and other shops.

Post Office Locale

Pine Knot Ave. & Big Bear Blvd. (Now Post Office)

The fire station later relocated to an old boat building at the corner of Pine Knot Ave. and Big Bear Blvd on the site which now consists of the Big Bear Lake Post Office and Rotary Park.

In 1949, a new fire station was built at Knickerbocker Rd. and Big Bear Blvd.

Knickerbocker Station

Knickerbocker Fire Station (photo 1960’s)











In 2000, our current Station headquarters was built at 41090 Big Bear Blvd, near Knight Ave.

Current Big Bear Lake Fire Dept.

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RS Vacations appreciates the bravery and service of First Responders. To show our thanks, we offer the following exclusive discount:

To view the pdf version with links, download and/or print this flyer, please click the following link: First Responder Flyer

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This past week I watched the movie ‘The Avengers’ with my family. It was a great movie and had all the action you could want in a superhero movie. As my husband and I were discussing it afterward, we talked about how we had the most respect for the characters ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Hawkeye’, because they were the only two of the heroes that had no superpowers. They are merely highly trained and skilled humans fighting against the forces of evil. They serve humanity because they are courageous and because it is the right thing to do. Having recently commemorated the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies, I also began to think about what really makes a hero – in real life.

I still remember getting the phone call from my mother-in-law that September 11th morning. My husband and I were both off that day and were enjoying a rare ‘sleeping in’. The phone rang, and when I answered, she was clearly upset and said “We’re being attacked, turn on the TV”. So we did, and like millions of others, spent the entire day watching, horrified and saddened by the terrible images we saw. The thing that struck me the most that day was not that this had happened (evil is alive and well in this world), but watching hundreds of first responders – firefighters, police and paramedics – rush INTO the destruction while everyone else was running out. They were not running in to save their family members or loved ones. They risked, and in too many cases sacrificed, their own lives to save complete strangers. That is my definition of hero.

The brave men and women from New York and Washington are only a handful of the hundreds of thousands of paid and volunteer first responders that serve us every day in this country. Homes are saved from wildfires, families pulled from wrecked vehicles, dying people saved, violent criminals are hunted and captured, making our cities and towns just a little bit safer; the list goes on. I for one, am thankful for everything they do, every day, to make my life safer. And by the way, just because these people are ‘everyday’ heroes, doesn’t make them any less ‘SUPER’!

We, here at RS Vacations would like to say “Thank You” to our heroes – not only our local Big Bear heroes, but all First Responders around the country and around the world.

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