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This coming weekend, Big Bear residents and visitors have a unique opportunity to remember and honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. My post tomorrow will have all the details. Today’s post is simply my thoughts and feelings about war and those who serve.

I hate war. To me, it is a waste of precious lives. Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives…..

I accept that it is sometimes necessary in the world we live in, in order to remove dangerous leaders who wish to wreck havoc on the world (ofttimes even their own people).

I understand that it is sometimes required to establish Democracy in countries that don’t have it, but desperately want it.

I agree that it is honorable in order to protect our Allies.

I respect that war is how we gain and guarantee our freedom from tyranny and oppression.

I just really wish there was another way to accomplish these things.

With that being said, I will always support our troops – whether I agree with the war or not. The boots on the ground, in the air and on the water have no hand in the making of war – that is done by people who are safe in their homes and offices. The troops simply do the job they are given to do, hoping that they get the chance to see their loved ones again.

I am amazed by those who choose to serve and who are faced with dangerous leaders (and their forces) who wish to wreck havoc on the world, many times saving the very people of that country.

I am impressed with those who serve and who help establish Democracy in countries that want it.

I am proud that people choose to serve and protect our Allies.

I am humbled that men and women from all walks of life are willing to die for my freedom from tyranny and oppression.

RS Vacations Respects and Honors those who are serving and have served in the Armed Forces. To those that have come home – whole or not, and to those who gave their lives, Thank You.


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