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Vacations are for making memories. Holidays are for making memories. Why not combine the two and have an amazing Big Bear experience this winter? One of the truly great things about Big Bear is the variety of activities available. Whether you are a couple, a family with kids or a large group, there is something for you! What does Big Bear have to offer? Here are just some of the fun, winter activities to take part in.

Big-Bear-Lake-Cross-Country-Skiing_33_656x420Looking for some action? Try your legs at skiing or snowboarding at one of our world-class resorts. You can get private or group lessons, rent equipment or get a package that includes everything you’ll need for a day of winter fun. The view from the top is spectacular!

Do you want to experience the view at a slower pace? Well then, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing is the way to go. There are several different trails and difficulties to suit your needs. Experience the forests of Big Bear under sparkling blue skies!

Maybe you want to experience the snow without all the work? Then tubing is where it’s at. We have two snow play resorts that feature ‘magic carpets’ to get you up the hill so that you can spend more time enjoying getting down. Race your family members down one of the longest runs in Southern California.

How about seeing Big Bear from a different perspective? Take a Helicopter tour of the snow-covered Valley, a Segway tour through town or a Jeep Tour into the forest that finishes with an exhilarating zip-lining experience through the treetops.

We also have, ice skating, horseback riding, bowling, laser tag, movie theaters, spas, a museum, a zoo and so much more. There are restaurants and bars for every taste, live music, and the Village is packed full of charming shops. We really do have it all!

If you are lucky enough to spend the Holidays with us, you can take part in Santa’s Grand Entrance and Village Tree Lighting Ceremony, Christmas in the Village, the New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade or New Year’s Eve parties at Bear Mountain, Snow Summit or several other places in the Valley.

cedarfrontwinterAfter you’ve spent the day experiencing all of the action Big Bear has to offer, you’ll want to wind down in a cozy cabin, with a roaring fire, a soak in the spa and maybe a friendly game of pool, foosball or air hockey. We can help you with that part! RS Vacations has cabins of all sizes to suit your needs with amenities galore. Having a private cabin to call your own, means you can relax and unwind with all the privacy you could want. Just what you need for your perfect wintertime getaway! Visit us today to book a Big Bear cabin before they’re all gone! Your amazing holiday vacation starts here!!

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As long as I can remember, I have loved watching movies. Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Action….You name it, I’ll watch it! I love how a good script or brilliant performances can draw you into another world for a couple of hours. Movies make me laugh, cry, cringe, and think. The evolution of film making and effects just blows me away.

Back when I was a kid, Big Bear had just one screen at the Village Theater on Village Drive. It was a large screen and always showed double features. (I know, I know! 2 movies for 1 ticket??? Unthinkable! LOL. Ah, the good old days!!)  In the 70’s, it usually took a few months after release before a new movie would make it to our humble little theater. Fortunately, the internet didn’t exist yet so no one could ruin the ending for us on facebook! 🙂

I remember seeing Star Wars and just loving it. Everyone was amazed at the effects and talked about it for days. There was Jaws (scared the heck out of me, I’m not going to lie!),  ET, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Top Gun, Karate Kid, A Christmas Story, Home Alone….The list goes on and on! Every week when the movie changed, I was there (along with about 85% of Big Bear residents!!). After the movies ended, we always hit Jack in the Box for a Jumbo Jack. For those of you born after 1980, a Jumbo Jack actually used to be JUMBO!

We had a VCR (when they were still the size of a small country) and we rented movies on a fairly regular basis as well. Back then, if you wanted to buy a movie on VHS, it would cost you around $75. Ouch. (The not-so good old days). As the years went on and VHS got cheaper, our movie collection grew and then updated to DVD…and now Blu-Ray. We watch movies several nights a week at our house. So much better than mindless reality TV!!

Like books (which I also LOVE), movies can take you away from everyday life and transport you somewhere else and put you in someone else’s shoes for a just a little while. I love movies!!

What is your favorite movie??





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