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First Snow in Big Bear, 2010I have truly been enjoying the gorgeous, warm, early autumn weather this week. Low 70’s days, mid 30’s at night. I love it! So I am making plans for next week and I decide to check out the weather, as some of those plans are outside. Forecast: Brrrr!! As usual, October is a wild roller-coaster ride in beautiful Big Bear Lake. Next week looks to be full of barely 50’s HIGHS and mid 20’s lows, with some gusty winds and scattered showers thrown in for fun. And guess what, skiers and boarders? Big Bear’s first dusting of snow for the season is expected! Which means winter fun is not far off!!

Needless to say, I will be changing some of my plans to the following week because…..you guessed it, it is supposed to be warm once again. This warm-cold dance is very typical for Big Bear this time of year and as long as you’re prepared, it is still one of the most beautiful times of year here.

When planning your wardrobe for a vacation to Big Bear in the fall, your best bet is layering. Going out for a morning walk or breakfast in town? You will definitely want a sweatshirt or sweater. An afternoon hike or stroll through the Village? Sweatshirt off. Maybe. Unless it is like next week, then sweatshirt definitely on. 😉 An evening at the Oktoberfest? Bring a jacket. It is really all about being prepared for anything. I have lived in Big Bear for 35 years. I have seen it snow several inches in June and have had to open all of the windows to cool down the house in January. Weather in the mountains will absolutely keep you on your toes, but the variety of seasons is what makes it such a fantastic place to be.

Join us at RS Vacations for a weekend and see how spectacular Big Bear is in Fall!

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